Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A few Princess tales

None of this post goes together but I figured it's all stories of women and girls so it's basically some princess tales. 

This morning we had our annual fall Women's ministry Brunch.  I think this may have been the best one we have ever had.  We had a huge turnout and DELICIOUS food! My friend Jenn's mom Carole shared her testimony and it was SOOOO good.  And they had a ton of door prizes (because what good women's ministry event doesn't?) and I won the sweetest baby boy blanket (which was completely suspicious because I didn't even turn my name in for door prizes).  

I have been so amazed at how a few months of kindergarten have done so much for Harper. This summer she barely knew her letters and really didn't know phonics at all. Now she is reading books. She loves pulling out books every night to read out loud. Thankful for therapists and an amazing teacher who have made a huge difference in her life. And thankful for a little girl who only understands 40% of what she hears but just tries that much harder.

I waste a LOT of time on worry.

Harper has also this week all on her own started putting her own hearing aids in! This is a HUGE leap for us! And it's not easy.  I struggle some mornings getting her hearing aids in so for her to do it herself is amazing! 

And just for laughs........

I'm fairly sure that Duchess Kate and I are due within days of each other.  They announced she had just turned 14 weeks like the day I turned 14 weeks and we are both due in April. I may be wrong but we are close.  So my friend Amanda who knows I love to laugh at myself said I ought to start posting belly comparison shots between me and Kate.

This is both of us at almost 16 weeks.  

Now - I know Kate has had serious, extreme sickness that has kept her from gaining or growing.  But she is also very tall and willowy.  

And I'm, let's just say, normal.

She had gone to a Royal Gala this day.  
I had worked, picked up kids from school, did a little laundry, cooked dinner and helped with Awana.

But we are both wearing lace. 

So we are basically the same. :-) 

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