Sunday, November 16, 2014

My girl likes to party all the time

We have been on a party trifecta the last few days.  We went to three Six year old birthday parties in a row. 

First we went to a Frozen party.  Where Elsa and Anna made an appearance.  The girls LOVED it.  But we got in the car and Harper said "How come Elsa never uses her power at parties and I'm pretty sure she was wearing a wig".

She's on to us. 

Harper and her friend M posing with Elsa 

 Hollis and the birthday girl were making wishes

Friday afternoon Harper was invited to a bowling party for her friend A who was in preschool and kindergarten with her.  She was one of only two girls invited and she thought it was Awesome! A's told me he prayed for her the other night and said "Harper is so nice".  
I thought they looked like teens in this picture.  His little teen smirk and her happy face! 

Yesterday we had a gymnastics party for Harper's best friend since she was two.  

It's been an entertaining week.

And of course we had our own party last night because after SEVENTEEN straight SEC games - my hogs FINALLy won a game! 

We also beat #17 LSU 17-0.

Looks like 17 may be our lucky number.  Everyone in Arkansas was celebrating last night.  (I'm sorry to all the LSU fans reading here).  Victory is just so sweet when you haven't seen one in a while and have worked so hard. 

So after two years we finally got to wear our victory dresses to church! 

And now it's snowing.  

I don't ever remember a year that it snowed before thanksgiving here in Arkansas.  I'm worried about what this means for our winter.  

Unlike Elsa - the cold DOES bother me! 

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