Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Nine to Five

So I went back to work today.

{This is not an April fool's.}

I have always thought ever since I had Harper that once my kids were all in school, I would try to find a job - maybe at their school or our church.  And that's still a dream of mine.  I knew I would go back to work eventually.

In the last few months I have been thinking about Harper going to kindergarten and Hollis going to preschool and I started thinking maybe I could possibly find a part time mostly work from home job next year some time.  The field I was in before kids did not have a lot of these jobs before I quit to stay home but now they are much more common so I knew it was possible.  I had decided I would wait until maybe January of 2015 and start looking.

And then I got an email from a friend asking if I would be interested to get my feet wet in working.  A job exactly like what I had left five years ago was open for a temporary part time position.  I'm going to be filling in for the next 12-13 weeks for someone going on maternity leave.  It couldn't be more perfect.  I am getting to try it out and see how it will work and then I will know for sure whether I am ready to dive all the way back in.

I was so nervous last night I barely slept a wink and my stomach was so upset this morning.  It feels so weird to go back to work after being gone five years.  I worried I wouldn't remember how to do anything or that things had changed drastically.

And turns out ........I absolutely LOVED it.  It might just be like riding a bike after all. 

My biggest concern is balancing work and family and obviously most of you and millions do the same thing.  So it's good to get that view point.  I LOVE working.  But I also LOVE being home with my girls and have been so thankful to do it.  (Even though it's not always a cake walk - I still have been extremely thankful.)

So things are changing a little in our home.  I have always done most of the household things because I stay home and I feel like that's my job.  Scott is good to help out when I need him but I kind of like those traditional roles.  But we are splitting them up a little more to make this work.  And I may be saying no to a few things in the next few months that I normally would do. 

I will still be blogging but it might be less frequent.  Or it might not be.  I guess I will just see how it goes.  I know I have never been good at emails (and I always want to apologize for that) so I'm assuming that might get worse.  (Sorry again). (and I mean that). 

I won't be blogging about work or giving any more specifics because I have always felt like there should be boundaries around that.  But I did want to share that I am a little busier around here. 

Life is full of changes and seasons and I'm kind of excited about entering a new season. 

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