Monday, March 31, 2014

Our day

 Today I got to meet my friend Stephanie and her sweet baby Gabrielle for coffee at Pressroom.  Stephanie has become a great friend to me and I love getting to talk to her.  And it's such a bonus that I get to hold little G when I'm with her.  She is the CUTEST!!!!
 My friend Tracy and I took Laurie to an early birthday lunch today.  Her birthday is tomorrow but we have conflicts tomorrow so we celebrated today. 
 Laurie's favorite thing in the whole world is Chili's chips and salsa.  So that's where she picked to eat.  If you know her - you know she practically drinks the salsa.  We have had them bring it out to her in pitchers before.  We have been eating there together since college.  23 years of birthdays together!
 This afternoon Harper had speech.  We are working with Mrs. Rachel on pre-reading skills.  Her hearing loss makes it more difficult to read and comprehend but she is doing so great! I'm so proud of how hard she works in speech.  

I have to tell a story on her that made me so proud.  Tracy's mom is the librarian at Harper's preschool and Harper ADORES her.  Today they had library and Harper picked a book about the Little Mermaid. (of course).  Another little girl started crying because she wanted that book.  Harper told the librarian "I think she's crying because she wants my book" and went over and gave the girl her book.  She is so kind and giving.  She constantly gives her toys away to kids in the neighborhood and anyone who comes over to play.  I had big tears in my eyes when Tracy told me this story because my biggest desire is for my girls to be kind and generous.

And I'm proud of this girl too.  In the speech we do with Mrs. Rachel, I am there in to participate which means Hollis has to sit in on it too.  And she does a great job of sitting still and watching.  It's not easy for a 3 year old who has been at preschool that day.  She is a great little sister.

I also wanted to tell you I picked a winner for the Aqua spa products from Wal-Mart and Kerry #9 is the winner and she chose relaxing! So Kerry - I am emailing you and I will get you those products soon so you can enjoy and RELAX!!!!!

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