Thursday, April 03, 2014

A Fairy Five To Follow

Take note: Tomorrow's SUYL is going to be "Show us your Favorite "healthy" dinner recipe"

My girls LOVE Tinkerbell movies.  They love all things fairies too.  We are SO excited about the new Disney movie "The Pirate Fairy" that is now available on Blu-ray and Digital HD.    I'm sure it will be viewed approximately 482 times over the spring and summer.  At least it will give us something to rotate with "Frozen".  ha! In the spirit of the movie and in the spirit of spring and summer on their way - I have five Pinterest boards to follow that have ideas for fairies, pirates, how parents nurture their children's talents, adventure, and magic.  This might encourage us to find some fun things to do with our kids to coordinate with the movie and just for activities at home with our children. Here are my FIVE TO FOLLOW!

1.  Disney has an entire board dedicated to the movie located HERE.  There are color sheets and activities your kids will love!

2.  You could throw a pirates and fairy party if you have a birthday coming up.  This would be fun for boys and girls!  This board has tons of ideas! 


3.  This board is full of food and fun ideas that go with the fairy and pirates theme.  It would be so exciting to make fun snacks to eat with your kids while you watch the movie for the first time.

  4.  This has an ABUNDANCE of ideas - I love tinker bell in a jar with pixie dust as favors!  The ideas are endless for a movie party or birthday party or just a fun day with your kids.

5.  This board is all about Fairy crafts.  My girls love to do arts and crafts so I'm always looking for fun (and easy) things to make together.  This has some fun ideas.   I love using Pinterest to get ideas on parties or food or for entertaining my girls.  We are going to have a lot of fun watching "The Pirate Fairy" and maybe making fun food and games and crafts to go with it.  My girls will be thrilled to death! I bet yours would be too.  You can also check their Facebook page for more fun ideas.

What are some of your favorite Pinterest boards or ideas????

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