Monday, April 14, 2014

Just some updates and an idea?

I thought I would just share a little about what's happening here and then I had an idea I thought I would see what you think? 

So I'm two weeks into working.  I haven't been working as much as I will because I'm waiting to be set up for a few things I need to do my job so it's been a little slow so far but I will say that I'm really enjoying it and I feel less stressed instead of more stressed if that's possible.  I'm just one of those "works better under pressure" people so I think knowing I need to manage my time better is forcing me to be better organized instead of piddling.

 I'm mainly working when the girls are in school so they don't even know I have a job.  And we still manage to have a few slow mornings in our pj's a week and I am soaking those up because soon Harper will be in school full time and I'm starting to realize just how amazing these past five years of us being completely at home together has been.  (That's not to say that being home every day with little kids is always a walk in the park.  I am grateful to have done it but there are days I wanted to run away too. ) But now that the time in our life is changing and ending - I can see why people always say "You will miss those days".  I wanted to shoot darts at old women in Wal-Mart when I had two screaming babies and I couldn't remember the last time I had slept or taken a long shower without interruption but now I can know just how blessed I was to that time.

Time and perspective are a funny thing.

 Last week Scott and I got to serve at the Deacons/Widows banquet.  The deacons in our church are all assigned widows to look after and each year we have a banquet to honor them.  We had a lot of fun working at it together! 

 And our girls love anytime we have to serve at church or be there because that just means they get to spend more time with their friends.  
I had a biopsy on Friday.  It wasn't the most pleasant morning of my life but it wasn't terrible at all.  And thankfully my clinic works weekends because they called yesterday to let me know everything was benign. I'm so thankful.  But I know that not everyone gets good news.  Praying for everyone out there struggling with health issues.

Okay........I have an idea - not sure if anyone is interested but if maybe 4 of you are? ha!

I have a dozen books sitting on my nightstand - a lot of them written by my actual friends.  The fun part of blogging is meeting so many people and watching them chase their dreams and write books.  So last week my friend Melanie posted questions to go along with her book in case anyone wanted to have a book club.  I would love to start a book club with my friends but honestly right now I don't have a night I can give up.  So I thought ...... hey what if any of you who read the book or want to read the book  "The Antelope in my living Room" by Melanie - starting next week on Wednesdays - I could post a few of the questions and answer them myself and y'all could answer in the comments! I thought it would be fun discussion.  And if it works out maybe we could do some other books.  I will make up questions or get the authors to send us some?
Or maybe you think this is a horrible idea.  Just be nice when you let me down. ha!

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