Saturday, April 12, 2014

Amazing Grace

We had a beautiful spring day here today.  (Don't get me started that it's supposed to possibly snow on my head - it's basically summer already).  

There is a beautiful park/trail near us that I haven't been to in forever.  We went this morning and it was just so nice.  There was no one there and it was so quiet and the redbuds and bradford pears were just starting to bud.  It was a perfect day to take a few pictures of my two best girls.  (Scott took pictures - I just tried to get them to look and smile.)

 Harper loved taking pictures today.  Hollis had it after about 20 minutes.  

I adore this picture.  These two sure love each other.  

And I had to share ......Hollis loves to sing a million songs together before she goes to bed each night.  One night I sang "Amazing Grace" to her and somehow she knew all the words.  She calls it "Lost" and asks for it nightly now.  She is so funny - I can play songs once or twice in the car and she will know almost all the words the next time we hear it.  I had her sing it with me the other day because I want to remember her sweet little voice singing such wonderful words. 

The Lord has promised good to me 
His word my hope secures
 He will my shield and portion be 
As long as life endures
 Amazing Grace How sweet the sound 
That saved a wretch like me.

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