Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

I just love Easter!!!!

Beside the obvious reason that we are celebrating Jesus being alive - I just love worshipping at church and the spending the day with our friends.  Easter is a holiday we have made our holiday.  We don't travel - we just have our own traditions and I love it.  I love being with our families on every other holiday but Easter is a great one to build our own memories. 

Easter is also a busy day for us.  We are on the Ordinances Committee which means we take care of baptisms and the Lord's Supper (communion).  We had a Good Friday service so Scott went and set it up and served.  I stayed home because there isn't childcare and Hollis isn't quite old enough - hopefully next year we will make it.  
Today we went to the early service and helped with Baptisms and then Scott had to greet and we helped him and then went to the late service.  Harper had to be with us all morning and she did so good.  She LOVED greeting.  She handed out bulletins and said "Happy Easter" to everyone who came in.  I love teaching her to serve with happiness! 

 My sweet girls.  I got their dresses on clearance from Remember Nguyen during their big Christmas sale.  I just love them even though they are linen and wrinkle easily.  I love blue on little girls. 
 I did an Instagram poll trying to figure out a dress for Easter for me.  I ended up not ordering any of the dresses I had picked out and last minute went to Dillards yesterday and found this pink dress.  
 We always eat lunch with Laurie and Steve on Easter.  It's been our tradition for probably 10 years.  We switch out homes and sometimes other people join us but we always eat KFC.  
And we love it! 
 Our girls.  I have pictures of them every year together on Easter.  
 This year we had another family join us.  It was so fun to eat with them.  
 The kids table.  
 Last year our friends Mike and Kacy started a new tradition by inviting our Sunday School class over (any one who was in town and without family) for egg hunts and a dinner potluck.  
We went again this year and it was SO much fun.  It was perfect weather and some of my absolute favorite people and the girls had a BLAST!!!! 
 My friend Ashley brought baby geese.  Hollis loved holding one! 
 Harper and one of her best friends Madeline
 I don't like to brag - but my girls are master egg hunters! 
 There was a Golden Egg and Harper found it! 

 Harper and her friend Kinley.  We have spent Easter with them many years.  

Harper and Kinley (and Sarah Kate and Emily) when they were one. 
 Ashely and Kacy
 Mary Avery, Jessica and Kelly
 We had Egg Races.  Kacy and Mike smoked every one.  

We had such a wonderful Easter.  My heart is full.

I can't believe how much my girls have grown over the last few Easters.  

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