Monday, April 21, 2014

Not like I imagined

We dyed Easter eggs on Saturday afternoon.  

And the girls had fun. 

But it made me start thinking.

I spent a lot of my 20's and 30's thinking of how I couldn't wait for a family and I had all of these mental lists of things that I couldn't wait to do with my family.  And they all sounded so fun.

And don't get me wrong - it's every bit as wonderful as I imagined and I love my girls more than life.


There are some things we do that I'm just going to admit,

they aren't as fun as what I imagined in my head. 

{in fact, they down right give me anxiety attacks}

1.  Dying Easter Eggs

2.  Baking cookies with my girls

3.  Taking family road trips

4.  Carving pumpkins (I actually haven't even tried this yet because I can already tell how stressed it will make me) (but that's mostly due to an unfortunate pumpkin carving party when I was 12 that resulted in a trip to the ER and a big scar on my thumb to this day.  I'm sure we will carve next year.)

5.  Disney World (well - we haven't done that yet and we are planning to but I just KNOW.)

What would you add to the list? 

{And I need to add that there are things that I probably never thought would be so fun that I absolutely love - like sitting in the driveway for hours while the girls play outside with friends, singing endless songs at night with my girls,  driving with the windows down just because they love it......}

AND I need to add - of course I ADORE my girls and enjoy doing things with them.......this is just a light hearted look at things I thought would be so much fun (and we do them and the girls love them) but to me they are more stressful than fun.  :-) 

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