Saturday, April 19, 2014

Eggs and Royals

We have had a lot going on around our house this past week.  
But we have tried to spend time focusing on the reason behind Easter this week.  We love Resurrection Eggs.  If you don't have a set - you can get them at Christian bookstores or Hobby Lobby or amazon.  They are a set of eggs and each one is a different color and has a little symbol inside that represents part of the story of Easter.  It really helps to explain to kids. 
Hollis had her three year old well child visit this week.  She was worried about getting a shot but turns out she didn't have to get any!  She is healthy and perfect and we are SO thankful.  I never take for granted health.   She was 37 lbs and 38 inches tall! She's smaller than Harper was at this age but she's still up in the 90th percentiles.  
Harper was pretending to be the doctor while we waited and was doing her own check up. 
We had Easter egg hunts at school this week.  

And we have had egg hunts around our house all week.  We should be ready to compete tomorrow! :-)
Harper got these glasses as a prize for knowing her Bible verse at church.  

I can't stop laughing at her in them.

Thursday night we had a girls night for our Sunday School class at my friend Susan's house.  She talks to us about different parts of being a Godly woman and we get to discuss and visit and eat.  Love her dearly.  And my class.
I love following Kate and William as they are traveling with little George.  I also love that they dress him in smocked and monogrammed clothes.  It's like he's Southern British. Maybe he and Hollis will marry one day.  In the meantime, I have royalty nearly daily at my house.  There is no shortage of tiaras and gowns and I love it. 

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