Sunday, February 02, 2014

Super Weekend!

We have had a "Super" Weekend all around here.  Saturday I took the girl for hair cuts.  I got Harper's hair cut back into a short bob.  I think she looks so precious with her hair short.  And it grows so fast. Hollis got a cute trim and bangs that don't embarrass her.  (I'm staying away from the scissors).

Saturday night our church put on a special event for married couples.  It was called "Developing a Superbowl marriage".  It was SO fun.  They had free childcare and we met for a "tailgate" Barbecue dinner and then six couples in our church who have been married for over 30 years each discussed different topics - everything from finances to communication.  I loved it!

 Everyone wore clothes from their favorite team.  Since we live in Arkansas - there was a lot more Razorback clothing than NFL clothing.  I wore this awesome vintage 70's hog shirt I found several months ago. I have never worn it.

We just took a very blurry picture of us but I felt like we needed a picture since it was a marriage event.  We had to fill out cards and take home to discuss our "post game adjustments" - things we would try to change to make our marriage better.  (I'm sure we couldn't think of ANYTHING.  cough cough.)

Today was truly a Super Sunday.  Our sweet "niece" (she's not really our niece but I consider her to be) Emily was baptized.  Scott and I help out with baptisms so we were fortunate to get to be with her.  She was so mature and articulate when she shared with the pastor how she was saved.  I was so proud of her!!! I was there the day she was born 8 years ago and so special to be with her when she was baptized!

Harper came with us to help! 

{Photo credit - I stole this from my friend Jill's FB. I hope you don't care JILL!}

Our high school football team won the state Championship this year and we had a special breakfast for the team this morning and the whole team was in church.  The football coach, Barry Lunney, is not only a great coach but a very Godly man.  He shared his testimony and preached a sermon.  It was So good!  I'm thankful for teachers and coaches like him.   They also shared testimonies from several players who were playing today in the super bowl.  What an awesome platform they have been given to share their faith.  God puts in specific positions to be able to give Him glory.  I hope we never miss the opportunities He gives us!

It snowed the whole time we were in church so they cancelled our Sunday School (which is after church) and we slid home.  I know all of you in the north don't get it and think it's ridiculous but we are just not equipped for snow down here.  A few inches completely shuts our town down.  We don't have snow plows and no one knows how to drive.  So school is cancelled for tomorrow and I have a feeling we we will be snowed in all week.  There is more snow on the way later this week.  So I'm ready with food and crafts and projects!

We normally always have a Sunday School Super Bowl party but since we had the marriage event we didn't this year.  So Scott and Steve have been planning our watch party for 2 weeks and the menu.  Scott drove us over.  The girls were cheering for the Seahawks! Our family have become Seahawks fans recently because we love the inspiration of Derek Coleman.  I am thankful for someone like him who can show Harper and other kids that something like Hearing loss should never keep them from doing anything they want to do!
But I got an instagram comment from the cutest girl last night, Allison Tamme, and her husband, Jacob, plays for the Broncos so suddenly I felt like I had a friend on the team and needed to cheer for the Broncos.  Plus - who doesn't love the Mannings? So I was basically neutral.

I didn't exactly see much of the game.  We had four princesses who performed a show for us.  Laurie and Steve's parents were all here to see Emily get baptized and perform in her 2nd grade musical so us women got a musical show presented by these four that lasted most of the game.  Probably just as well.  And maybe more entertaining than the game.

I wore the colors of both teams.  And Laurie wore her bath robe.  

Of course she did.

This is why we are BFF. 

OH what a super weekend it has been.

If you need me - I will be home all week in my pajamas! NOT going to sonic. 

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