Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fairy Dust and Sweet Retreats

So big night last night at the Stamps' house. 

Harper lost her first tooth!!!!!

And she pulled it out by herself! 

Yes- she just turned 5 two weeks ago.  But she had 6 teeth at 4 months and I've heard many times that the earlier you get teeth, the earlier you lose them.  I guess this is true.  Harper has been waiting for this for a while.  She found out about the tooth fairy and told us all about it not that long ago.  But I thought I had a lot longer to prepare.  It became loose about three weeks ago.  The adult tooth was already half up - pushing it out.  She has been wiggling and wiggling it.  

She had a little cold yesterday so I let her stay home with Scott and miss AWANA and I went on to church.  When I came home, she had pulled it out all by herself. 

The day it became loose I panicked! I had always planned to get her a little tooth pillow but thought I had more time.  So I ordered one on Etsy right away.  I figured I wouldn't get it in time but it came this weekend! Isn't it cute? It was only $10 and she had all colors.  I guess I better go ahead and order Hollis one so I will be prepared! 

And this worked SO much better than the old "put the tooth under the pillow and switch it out for money".  We hung it on her bedroom door and put the tooth in there.  I wanted to keep expectations low and give her a quarter.  But you know daddies and daughters - he insisted on a dollar. 

But this is what I'm you people keep their teeth???? And what do you do with them? I'm not sure how I feel about this. 

I had a hair appointment today and nothing to do with the girls so they came with me.  I was nervous because my appointments last at least two hours but I packed a bag of goodies. The girls were really pretty good.  And my sweet hair dresser is so precious and she entertained them while I was sitting under the steamer.  It helps that she has kids the same age.

Tonight we had a women's event at church - a "sweet retreat".  We have goodies and a speaker.  It was SO great.  I was greeting at the door so I didn't get a chance to really visit too much or take pictures.  I only took two.  One of my friends Ginger and Jessica in matching shirts and I had to get a picture of my friend Jenn in her sassy hat and hair.  She lost her hair to chemo and we love that she is always rocking a different wig or hat.  She always looks so great no matter what! It's all in the attitude.

And I need to confess something.

I came home tonight and everyone was already asleep.  I was picking up and Harper had some old birthday balloons that needed to go so I snipped the ends.  And then I just suddenly felt powerless to resist sucking in the helium.  So I started talking in that crazy munchkin voice and couldn't stop laughing.  I even went in the garage and was talking really loud so I could hear myself and was dying laughing.  I really needed someone here to laugh with me.

So if you ever thought I was "normal".........I'm pretty much not.

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