Monday, February 03, 2014

A random list on a snowy day

Eight  Random Thoughts

{I have no idea where this post is coming from.........I'm just throwing this out there}


I bought a Jean vest this fall and I'm pretty sure it's the best purchase I have made in years. I wear it pretty much weekly.  I had no idea something from the 80's would come back and delight me so much!

2.   I make these Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins from Skinny Taste a few times a month.  They are SOOOOOOOOO delicious and healthier than a dessert.  My girls LOVE them.  I bake them in a mini muffin pan for half the time (about 20 min).


My friend Melanie's book releases today.  Y'all - it is SO hysterical.  If you are married - you will laugh so hard.  If you aren't married - it will prepare you. 
And I loved it because Perry and Scott are the same person. So it was like reading book about my life.  

4.   I know everyone in 2014 has moved on to reading books on kindles or iPads or whatever.  But I just can't make that leap.  Scott has tried to get me on board.  I like to hold pages in my hand.  I still like to go to the library and check out BOOKS.  I try to embrace technology......but some things I just like the old way.

5.  I still like to write checks too.  And I would pay all bills by check if I could.  There is a lot of old lady in me. 

6. I have tried for about 7 years.  I CAN NOT WEAR SCARVES.  Y'all I want to.  I have a lot of cute scarves.  I can not wear them. I'm so envious of all the cute scarves on all the cute people I see everywhere.  But I can't make it happen. 

7.  This week and next week I will register Harper for Kindergarten and Hollis for preschool.  We are moving into a new phase.  It's exciting and sad all at the same time.  I feel like things are going to change a lot for us next year.  I feel like this blog is going to change a little with that.  

8.  Who watches "Parenthood"?  I love that show.  I binged watched in on Netflix last year and finally caught up.  I so want to be a Braverman? I mean, who wouldn't? 

Okay - I was going for ten things.  But I'm stuck at eight.  

I'm hoping to have a new list of SUYL topics up by tomorrow for y'all to think about and hopefully join in!!!  Have a good day! 

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