Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Best of the Best of the Best

 Today has been a good day.  Harper had Pajama day at school because they are learning the letter P.
 Laurie and I had planned a trip to a town about 45 min away that we had heard has great junk/antique stores.  Laurie taught in this town when we first lived in NW AR about 20 years ago and my mom actually taught there when she was pregnant with me.  So first we drove around to see how much things had changed in 20 years.  Then we hit up Daisy and Olives and it did NOT disappoint.

 I walked in and saw my initials right in the front of the store so I knew I was in the right place.
 It was so much fun just to look around.
 I'm planning for the late summer or fall to move Hollis to a big bed and put both girls in one room and turn the other room into a play room so my mind is turning with ideas on how to change up both rooms.  I had fun looking around and getting ideas!
 Laurie just wanted to buy this vintage cat valentine. 

of course

 I found the greatest old church windows (behind me) and painted pulpit and church pew.  I told Laurie I might turn our living room into a church and invite them over to worship.  

 And then we saw this.

And I knew EXACTLY what Melanie could do with the Antelope in her Living Room
{By the way - her book comes out next week and it's all about marriage and hilarious!}
 I love vintage clothes and I found a dress I LOVED!!!!!!  

And Laurie found a dress to wear on her next date night. 
 (Just kidding. Even if she loved it I'm afraid I would have to step in and say no to that). 
Then we went to lunch at a place we had never been before.  We thought it would be kind of a dive but it was FANCY and SOOOOO good.  It's all organic fresh food and delicious.  Laurie had some kind of lemon meat loaf that she kept saying "Oh My" and "Wow" about and I had fish tacos.  

Laurie declared this day "The best of the best of the best:  My best friend, the best junk store and the best meatloaf ever." ha ha ha ha!

{I have to add this in because it made me laugh so hard - when I told Harper that Laurie and I were having a fun day because we are best friends she said "Do y'all run away from each other and say you don't want to be friends?"  Because that's what BFF's in preschool apparently do.  I told her adults don't do that.  (Well, MOST adults).  Laurie and I laughed at the mental image of that.}

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