Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013

 We spent Christmas this year with my family.  But the day before we went - the girls and I made cookies for Santa and for our family to enjoy.

The girls were SO excited to go to Nonny's house for Christmas.

It was tough to get the girls to bed on Christmas Eve.  They had baths, wrote Santa a letter and FINALLY went to bed around 9.  
 They took their letter writing so seriously. 

 Christmas is just SO much fun with little kids! 
 After they FINALLY went to bed - we got to work.  Our family doesn't exchange gifts on either side.  We just get things for the kids and try to keep that limited.  But even just buying a few things each of the girls - they had an AMAZING day!  This was for my girls and my niece! 

 Christmas morning the girls rushed in to see what was waiting under the tree!

 Harper is a HUGE fan of Frozen right now.  She was thrilled to get these dolls. 
 And Hollis got her baby.  Which she named Sarah Kate. 
 And they both got scooters. 
Harper did get her bow and arrow and walkie talkies.  She was THRILLED.  She's like a little Katniss here. 

I couldn't  resist - this picture cracked me up.  She was thrilled with these bracelets.  From wal-mart. 
 My Aunt Linda is so good to my girls.  She got them the fanciest tiaras and jewelry boxes with a twirling ballerina.  I think that Harper's absolute favorite gift. 
 My family.  My brother took a lot of family pictures of all of us but I haven't gotten them yet but we had a great time being with my family.  

Every year - I take a picture with my girls by the tree on a Sunday morning.  It's hard to believe how much they have grown. 

We are so blessed.  I'm trying to relish every moment! 

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