Saturday, November 09, 2013

Turks and Caicos

So this is the equivalent of like 30 years ago when people would invite you over to their house and show you their vacation slideshows.   Although most of you probably don't even know what "slides" are.   I'm not talking powerpoint.

But I wanted to do a little vacation recap for myself.  And for family to see.  And if you are thinking about Turks and Caicos - well -here you are.

And basically it's just a bunch of pictures of the food and the beach because that's what we did.  (This is like my blog 7 years ago when I started when I just posted a bunch of pictures of what we ate. ha!)

We stayed at the Windsong Resort.  It was very nice.  The island itself was beautiful.  

We didn't rent a car because they drive on the other side of the road and we didn't want to chance that and taxis were expensive so we mostly stayed around the resort.  

 We just had a relaxing vacation.  We didn't do a lot of stuff besides sleep, eat and lay on the beach.  
 Our walk to the beach each day
 There was a really good restaurant next door to our hotel thank GOODNESS so we ate dinner there the first night and lunch pretty much every day.  It was kind of a tex mex feel with seafood - I had shrimp tacos, shrimp quesadillas, shrimp taco salad.......and lots of guacamole! (not all in one meal - that was several meals!)
 The first night was right before daylight savings time so we sat right on the beach and saw the sunset. It was perfect. 
 Dessert every night.  I had the BEST dessert ever while there - this coconut rum cake that I'm going to try and replicate. 
 Sunday we spent half our day driving around to the airport and the police station getting my situation taken care of . 
 Our driver Lige was so nice - stayed with us the whole time.  We called him every time we needed a taxi after that.  
That night we went back to Chalk Sound and at ate the Las Brisas. 

Which if you are going to TCI - that was our VERY best meal.  It was a romantic setting - we missed the sunset which would have been nice because it's right on the water.  The service was the BEST on the island and so was the food. 

And they even had a Sax player was funny his list of songs but it was great! 
 Monday brought more beach and lunch at Somewhere Cafe.  
 Nearly every restaurant in TCI is closed on Mondays.  Not sure why.  So it made it challenging to pick where to eat.  We ended up walking down the beach to the Beach House restaurant.  This was a very beautiful and romantic restaurant.  It was low season on the island so it was basically us and a lot of older couples and a few honeymooners.  We were the only ones at Beach House that night for about an hour and a half.
The food was very fancy and good.  The service was terrible.  You would think being the only ones in the restaurant - you would get a lot of attention or at the very least maybe some more iced tea.

Don't expect to ever get your drink refilled in Turks if it's not alcohol.  That's just a travel tip from me.
 Our last day we spent on the beach again.  We did snorkel a little on day.  Well - Scott did.  Snorkeling freaks me out so I just did a little.  

I'm so afraid of sharks and the VERY first day at the beach - a small shark came about 3 inches from me.  The people at the resort said it was a nurse shark and wouldn't bite.....

That kind of ruined the ocean for me a little.  I was terrified every time I was in the water. 
 It's so hard when you are on a vacation to get a picture together. ha! We tried to take one - it didn't go to well. 
The last night we ate at what everyone says is the BEST restaurant on the island - Coco Bistro.  The setting is so pretty and romantic.  Every restaurant is outside.  This one had palms almost making a roof and twinkling lights and candle light.  The food was amazing.  BUT they had this coconut pie that they said they were famous for.  I was so excited because I LOVE coconut pie.

Oh my.

I'm going to go to the Backyard BBQ in Magnolia and ship them a Coconut pie.  Theirs was TERRIBLE but I think they don't know what good pie really is.  :-)

We had a relaxing time together and enjoyed every minute.  It could be another 10 years before we get alone on a trip so I tried to soak it all in.  I came home and jumped right back in to reality - speech appointments, a baby shower, laundry.  But it was nice to leave it all for a few days and have a second honeymoon!

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