Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thanksgiving and Advent

Today Harper's preschool had a special Thanksgiving lunch.  

They did a little program for us.  Harper has been practicing her Bible Verse and song all week. 

They each had an Indian name.  I know it looks like hers is "smiling butt" but it was "Smiling Butterfly".  Which was a perfect name for her. 

 This is Harper's best buddy Brandon.  They are together nearly every day at either school or church and have been since birth.  If you ask her - she will tell you that Brandon is her boyfriend and she is going to marry him.  

We will see. 

Hollis wore this little turkey shirt/dress today.  I thought she looked so cute.

I know it's kind of much to have holiday themed clothes but I just love them and know that I only have about 5-6 years of this so I'm milking it.  AND I get as much wear out of them as we can. 

 I think this dress wins the prize.  They have worn it for 5 years in a row now.  

I have never done any kind of Advent calendar but I thought it would be really fun for the girls if we did this together this year.  It would be a good way to really teach them the Reason for the Season.

Jessi from Naptime Diaries has this calendar.  It comes as 25 small papers on thick card stock and I LOVE each and every picture.  They are so meaningful.

I'm not sure exactly how we will display but I kind of like this idea - just stringing them somewhere.  I'm working on an idea.  She is selling these through Friday and you can get them in time for the advent season! If you are looking for a way to bring meaning to the holidays - this might be a  great way!

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