Friday, November 22, 2013

Five on Friday

For some reason I planned a skip day for SUYL this week.  I probably thought this week was Thanksgiving.  oops.  Next Friday will be a special Black Friday edition of "Show us what you make or sell".  It will be a good chance for you to holiday shop from small business women!

So today I'm linking up with Five on Friday!

1.  When Harper was two I cried a LOT because she was SO difficult and I honestly didn't think I would survive.  I felt like such a failure as a mom.  Discipline was so hard and the terrible two's nearly did me in.
BUT "almost five" is an age that I feel God gives as a reward for surviving the terrible two's.  The Fantastic Four/Five's are just so precious.   She is SO kind and obedient and caring towards others.  And she "yes ma'am's" me to death.  And now I'm starting to hyperventilate at the thought of her going to school next year.

2.  And then there is Exhibit B.

Thank goodness I have hope that one day she will be four because she is about to do me in right now. She will argue with me about anything.  If I say the sky is blue - she will say it's green until she is blue in the face.  If I say her sunglasses are upside down, she will fight with me about it for hours.  Even if she wants to wear them at night in Wal-Mart.  God teaches us patience in many ways.  One of the biggest ways is through our children.

3.  I have discovered the most delicious ice cream that has ever been created in the history of the earth.  I bought this on a whim the other night.  I don't know that I have ever bought Haagan-Dazs before.  We usually only buy Bluebell.  But I got crazy and tried this and it is the best ice cream I have ever had.  In fact - I discovered today that Scott ate the rest of it and it almost caused a divorce.  You would have thought he had just given away our first born child the way I reacted.

Get some.  You will thank me.

4.  I'm so excited about taking the girls to see "Frozen".  I rarely make it to the movies anymore but my girls have finally reached the age that they both do great in the movies so it's so much fun to take them!!! I think this movie looks so cute!

5.  I'm just excited about Christmas this year in general.  Everything with the girls right now is so fun and exciting.  The last couple of years have been hard.  But we are at a point where we can go and do and everything is so BIG and Magical to them right now.  I can hardly wait for all the fun we will have over the next 5-6 weeks! I'm so thankful for these moments and I don't take them for granted.

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