Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Little Turkeys

Just a few little random glimpses into the last few days at our house. 

My little turkeys this past Sunday.  They are getting so big. I was looking back at a few pictures taken this year in the same spot and they are both INCHES taller.  Life is getting easier as they grow but part of it makes me so sad.

Today at speech they did a little Kindergarten readiness check list on Harper and she seems to be ready for school! And I'm sure in 9 more months she will be even more ready. 

But I don't know if I will be! 

Sunday night Steven Curtis Chapman was in concert at our church.  There wasn't childcare so Laurie and I went and our husbands kept the kids.  Laurie and I have seen SCC several times but it's been since about 1997 since we saw him last.

SCC is one of the most kind, genuine, faithful Christian men I know of.  I love how he not only has had a steadfast faith even in the face of such deep tragedy of losing one of his children but he is such a great advocate for orphans. 

And Scott and I had "My redeemer is faithful and true" by SCC sung at our wedding.  Which I feel like could basically sum up my life in a song. 

Today was a luncheon for the ending of our fall women's Bible studies.  It was so fun and at the end I brought the girls into the chapel to help me clean up.  Instead they wound up playing the piano and calling out requests to my friend Timesia to sing for them.

I had shared about my friend Timesia earlier this year and y'all helped me raise money for an experimental, life saving marrow transplant for her.  I wanted to tell you she had it done and she is doing remarkable.  It's still touch and go and she has a road in front of her but I'm eternally grateful for your support and prayers for her!

Sunday after dinner I told the girls they could have ONE piece of leftover Halloween candy.  Then I went to my room to get ready for the concert and Scott found Hollis in the pantry with her bathroom stool trying to get more candy.  He filmed her and it cracks me up.
{I promise I'm not a hoarder - my pantry is just a disaster right now.  If anyone wants to come help me get it organized - I will buy you lunch!}

I have a new feature in "Celebrate Arkansas" magazine this month.  It's all about instilling gratitude in your children.  You can find the link HERE.  (Page 78)

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