Sunday, November 24, 2013

An "Imperfect" morning and a NW AR home tour giveaway

We are having a COLD weekend and it's getting me in the holiday spirit! 

Yesterday we decided to have a little family day and we made plans to go out for breakfast and then venture somewhere we had never been (and had avoided) for almost five years. 

First we went to breakfast at Mimi's. 

Which I was thinking.......when you are reading blogs this is the part where you see pictures and think "Oh look at that perfect little family - isn't that darling ....they went out for breakfast.  What a sweet life".  And then I was thinking about the actual things that went on.  Harper was tired and in rare form and spent the entire breakfast whining and crying over every little thing like how much butter was on her pancake to what crayon she got to color with.  Hollis wouldn't sit still and was knocking things over left and right and at one point burst into tears and was sobbing so loud the whole place was looking at us.  The food wasn't good and we couldn't get anyone to take our order for almost 30 minutes.  

So not perfect.  But we were together so I was still thankful even in the craziness. 

We have tried to avoid Germ City Chuck E Cheese for the last 5 years but Scott all the sudden wanted to take the girls so we went.  We saw. We conquered.
We won't go back for about another 5 years. 

The girls loved it.  They are already asking to go back. 

At least we got two good naps out of them when they came home! 

We had a great church service today.  We helped with baptizing four 9th grade girls who are all best friends and were saved together.  It was so sweet seeing their friendship.  They were hugging each other before and after the baptisms.  I was thinking how much I pray for my girls to have such sweet friends as they grow.  

I'm thankful for these four best friends and love eating Sunday lunch together! 

And finally - if you live in or near Northwest Arkansas - I have something special for you!!!

Every year the Junior League puts on the Winter Dreams Tour of Homes.  This is a big fundraiser that benefits Domestic Violence in NWA.  

It is December 8th from 11 a.m - 5 p.m. and there are 8 homes (including these below) in Benton and Washington County.  I have been several times and it is SOOOOOOOOO fun to tour and see amazing decorations and gorgeous homes.  I got so many ideas on the tours before.  The Arkansas Philharmonic will even be playing at one home.  

You should totally get a group of friends and do the tour! 

You can get tickets here:

BUT WAIT!!!!!!

I'm giving away two tickets!!!!!!!!!

So if you live close enough to come - just leave me a comment and let me know you would like to win and I will draw two winners on Wednesday morning!

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