Wednesday, October 23, 2013

We are not in Kansas Anymore

Yesterday morning I left for Wichita, KS with my mom and girls.  I spoke at a women's event last night and my mom went with me and kept the girls in the hotel while I spoke.  I have never been to Kansas.  It's a beautiful place.  VERY flat and VERY windy but beautiful.  I fired up the GPS and we were off!

This is Judy.

She doesn't believe in GPS.  She likes her trusty atlas.  
She wore me out with her map.  She had to check every turn Siri told me to take.  

Just be honest  - are you a Map girl or a GPS girl? 

If you are a map girl - I will argue that an atlas doesn't give you an ETA and can not tell you where the nearest Sonic is located.  
 My girls were thrilled to death to get to stay in a hotel.  Who needs Disney world? 

Give my girls a hotel room and a few snacks and it's the best trip ever! 
 I spoke at First Mennonite Brethren and it was such a nice church.  They had a great women's event.  There were 43 tables all decorated different.  Each had a hostess who picked a theme and decorated and they had a sheet that told you about each table and you got to walk around and look at them.  There were Christmas themes, fall themes, a Starbucks theme, a chocolate fountain and everything in between.  I thought it was so fun. 

We had a delicious dinner and then I spoke.  

The theme was on Testimonies and Sharing your story and Jesus.  Four women from the church had filmed their quick testimonies and I showed this in between my talk.  

This is me and the two women who planned the event.  It was fun to get to meet them and spend time with them.  I loved my time in Wichita.  

A certain two year old doesn't make a great bed partner and she was tossing all night and up and ready to go at 5:30 so we were on the road EARLY this morning and back in Arkansas before we knew it.  

I love women's ministry and getting to experience other churches.  

And states like Kansas. 

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