Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fall pictures

So I completely forgot about SUYL yesterday until last night.  I doubt anyone lost sleep over it. ha! This fall has been SOOOOOOOOO crazy.  I'm surprised that's all I've forgotten.  I will make it up another week!

We had family pictures made today and I thought I would share a little sneak peek.  My amazing friend Bethany takes our pictures.  She has such a talent.  She kind of started taking a few pictures a couple of years ago and now I think it's just about a full time job for her.  Some people are just born with the eye!

I loved this.  I am so blessed.

I pretty much am DYING over this.  

Yes - Hollis turned 12 over night.  ha! 

I was sharing a little of my testimony last week and thinking back to the days when I was SO desperate to be a mother.  I cried and ached and clung to Jesus during those days.  I wondered if I would ever have a child.  I'm looking at this picture and realizing that it was worth every heartbreaking second I waited.  

I have a feeling God was smiling when I was crying.  He knew what funny, crazy, sweet girls He had coming my way.  

Our last 3 falls.  The girls have grown so quickly. 
And my hair color has changed every year! :-) 

If you live in NWA  and need pictures - you need to call Bethany

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