Monday, September 30, 2013


Well...........we lost to the Aggies Saturday night but that didn't stop us from wearing our Victory dresses to church.  Chins up - we are proud to be hogs! :-)
 Yesterday was my favorite Sunday of the year. DNOW Sunday.  We have a huge youth event every year where around 500-600 youth come and they stay in homes of church members and it's an amazing amazing thing! On Sunday - the whole service is dedicated to DNOW.  We were lucky to have the Jeff Johnson Band doing the music  - they lead music at Texas A&M.  Ironic, yes. They were awesome though.  It was such a great Sunday!
Yesterday afternoon we went to a party for our friends Sarah Grace and Lena.  Their mom, Tracy, is out of control with her party planning.  Like the rest of us can't even compete.  And she JUST had a BRAND NEW BABY.  And she works. And she literally paints a room in their house or a piece of furniture or rearranges their entire home every single week. She makes me tired. And she's the nicest person I know.
This was a Fairy party we went to last year!  She has been planning this circus extravaganza for the last year. And it was so fun!

 My girls had so much fun! 
 They had little groups that rotated stations.  These are four sweet girls that rotated together. 
 Hollis.  ha ha ha ha ha.
 Sack race.

 Moms having fun with the photo booth
 Harper cracks me up.  She went around offering everyone at the party food.  She kept taking around popcorn and cookies to everyone.  She's such a sweet little hostess. 
 The birthday girls.  They had face paintings and circus "tattoos" clearly! :-) 
 And yes.

They had camel rides.


Such a fun day celebrating our friends! 

I love that I have such talented friends that LOVE doing things like this.  We may just have wal-mart cupcakes and color sheets at our parties........but celebrating is fun no matter how we do it! 

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