Sunday, September 30, 2012

Two Parties and Going Viral

We have had a great weekend - I hope y'all have too! We have been busy but it's been fun!

The looks on the girls' faces in this picture cracks me up.  I feel like the caption should read:
"OH No - you didn't put us in game day outfits. We are wearing pink on a Saturday and now the Hogs are going to lose".  
I was totally trying to pull a George Constanza where I went with the exact opposite of what I was thinking and just put the girls in pink. 
Well, guess what? It didn't work.  
Poor hogs.

Thankfully we were invited to a birthday party during the ball game so we went and had a lot of fun instead of suffering and watching the hogs lose again.  The party was at a gymnastics place and my girls had SOOO much fun.  Harper's favorite thing was jumping in the big hole full of foam.  Even Hollis got in on the action.  They were exhausted and had BIG NAPS that afternoon!

 Cutest birthday boy! 
I got my house decorated for fall while they napped.  I don't really do much inside besides maybe put a few little pumpkins around but I love me some pumpkins and mums. And I love my fall wreath.  I just got a bunch of picks from Hobby Lobby and stuck it in a grapevine wreath. :-)

 Today was my VERY favorite Sunday because our church had DNOW this weekend.  DNOW (Discipleship Now) is HUGE at our church.  We always bring in amazing speakers and music and they have the most awesome weekend for the youth. And we always see decisions for Christ come out of it and growth and maturity in our youth.  We had almost 400 youth participate and the theme was "Going viral".  I loved this - they talked about how the early church ended up scattering and going through out the world taking the message of Christ with them and how we need to do the same thing.  Also you think about how so many you tube videos or blogs or things today "go viral".  How can we do that with the message of Christ?
Our preacher for DNOW was Chad Poe and he was SO good.  He's from Tennessee.  If you need an awesome speaker - you need to look him up! God is doing great things with him.

 We also had the BEST music from Brett Younker.  He plays at Passion City Church in the ATL.  He was awesome. If your church is ever looking for someone to do music or a concert - you need to look him up.

This afternoon we went to a 3rd birthday party for our friend Lena.  My friend Tracy is an OVER THE TOP birthday party thrower. She always puts everyone to shame. This was SO fun.  She had a fairy princess party and my girls had the time of their life.  It was too cute not share several pictures.
 This was the table
 She had little shirts, tutus, fairy wings and crowns for all the girls to wear 
 Harper was in heaven
 Tracy's sister Natalie dressed up like a fairy. I told Harper she was Barbie and she totally thought she was (she looks like one).  She was so chawed every time Natalie talked to her.  
 Everything was too cute.  Did I mention Tracy hosted 10th grade girls for DNOW this weekend too? She is crazy. 
 Hollis got to dress up too and she was adorable. She had the best time. She thought she was just like the big girls. 
 They did face paintings and Harper LOVED this! 
 Tracy and her family.  Lena the birthday girl is on the right.
I mean - so cute.  

What a fun weekend we have had! 

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