Saturday, September 28, 2013

Oh Fall - you are my favorite

We went to the pumpkin patch today.  I know it's a little early - it's not even October. 

But our October this year is CA-RAZY and we don't have one single weekend we could go so today it was! 

It was a pretty perfect day.  It was pretty overcast so it wasn't overly hot.  Every year seems to get a little more fun as the girls grow.

(Their dresses come from HERE. )

If you live in NWA - I HIGHLY recommend Farmland Adventures.  We go every year and LOVE it.  My girls have the time of their life because they have a ton of animals to feed and pet and free pony rides plus a corn maze, wagon ride, hay to play on, and pig races. 

Honestly - you had my girls at the pony rides. 

They had the tiniest baby pigs I have ever seen.  They were two days old.  Harper held them forever.  Hollis wasn't really into petting or holding animals but Harper would spend all day doing it. 
 I mean - she's hugging a goat. 
 And feeding a goat. 
 And petting a horse.  What could be more fun? 
 Laurie, Steve and the girls came and joined us and that made our day especially good. 

This was on the wagon ride.  They give us tortillas to feed the cows.  
 Laurie and Steve

 Sweet Hollis had the BEST time.  
 Laurie and I in the corn maze

 The girls played in the hay until they were filthy and sweaty and we finally left.  We stopped to eat lunch and it started pouring down rain.  

The girls fell asleep in the car about the time we got to our neighborhood so I just sat out in the car with them for about 45 minutes.  
And did what every 40 year old mother does when she's just passing time in the car - started taking selfies. 

Oh, that's just me? ha! 
The last three years.  Oh my word I love these girls. And pumpkins. And fall.

I say this every year but I truly mean it.  Every fall when I was single or especially before we had kids - I would be so sad because I dreamed so much of the day I could go to a pumpkin patch with my "family" and take my kids and put them in orange clothes.  It was one of my main dreams as I waited for a family.  I was always sad seeing pictures of families doing that together because I wanted it to be me.  I just want you to know ........ if you are still waiting - your pumpkin patch days are coming. 
Don't give up the dream of your pumpkin patch! 

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