Monday, August 19, 2013

First Days of School

School started here today in Arkansas and I have been so happy looking at everyone's pictures on facebook and instagram and twitter.  First day of School pics make my heart so happy. 

I LOVED School growing up! 

My mom took our pictures every year on the first day.  Of course she had nothing to post it on - no blogs or social media.  She would have to wait to print out the roll and just hope there was at least one good picture in focus with us looking that she could stick in an album.

Can you even imagine life without digital cameras?

Or smart phones?

Or computers? 

(Well that was my life before I was late 20's.........)

{For real - I went through high school and college without a computer or a cell phone. Sometimes I wonder how we survived. ha! Mostly I'm so glad I was lucky enough we didn't have all that.  We couldn't be in constant contact with people, everyone didn't know what we were doing at every second of the day, no one was posting selflies, we actually had to go to the library and look up things on micro fiche for research.  It was a slower time.}

 I love this one of me in my cute little apple dress and Strawberry shortcake lunch box and my brother and his Dukes of Hazzard lunch box.  I think I was starting 3rd grade.  

We moved a lot when I was young.  I think I went to 6 or 7 different Elementary Schools.  If you worry about your kids when they have to start new schools - don't.  I learned to adjust and make friends no matter where I went.  It taught me to adapt.  

This picture is awesome.  I put the "awk" in AWKWARD.  I was starting 8th grade.  Thick glasses, mom jeans and that awesome bi-level hairdo.  And my matching yellow accessories and swatch watch. (and yet my brother was like something out of a Gap ad.)

(Yes - it's a little weird that I almost look older at 12 than I do at 39.  This is good news. Maybe at 68 I will finally be cool. ha ha ha ha!)

I feel like school is such a huge hot topic these days.  Everyone has such STRONG opinions on where your kids should go to school and their choice is always the best one.  I think every kid is different.  And every family is different.  One day I will maybe write my thoughts on this subject (and I have some STRONG ONES) (actually I will never blog about it because I'm not a fan of controversy or making people mad) but for now I just want to enjoy the first days of school.  I love that they symbolize new beginnings.  

I still miss getting those new school supplies and picking out my first day of school outfit.  I miss packing to go back to college.  But now I'm looking forward to the first days for my girls. And the knowledge and opportunities and fun it will bring them. 

Here's to all of our first days!!! 

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