Saturday, August 17, 2013


So Harper is in the country with my parents having the time of her life.  They went to Silver Dollar City (or as I like to call it Steal your Dollar City) yesterday.

I'm pretty sure she AND the deer are very happy.  But we sure miss her! 

Meanwhile me and Hollis are having "lots and lots of fun".  Harper was so excited about going to Nonny's house that Hollis was content to know she would be alone with me and daddy. 

I took her to meet some friends at a local play place yesterday.  We had a blast! 

 We met up with Ashley and Amanda and their girls.  

 Such sweet faces 
 Last night we ate with our friends and then had cupcakes at Bliss.  (SO yummy!)
 I would say it was a success of a night. 

We have had the summer of weird ailments.  First me and the Staph and Hollis and the lump and now Dawson is having horrible pain in his back.  He has arthritis and it flairs up about every 6 months.  It makes me so sad.  Little Fancy Nancy helped me take him to the vet yesterday. 

And totally off topic but I had to share:

I saw this video yesterday and I couldn't stop crying.  I love Shane and Shane and this song is amazing.  I have so many friends who are hurting - I know so many of you are too.  I hope this song will encourage you.  Especially around the 3:20 the words of John Piper.

{Gorgeous words in this song}

Though you slay me - still I will praise you. 
Though you take from me - I will bless your name. 
Though you ruin me - I will sing a song of worship
To the One who is all I need.

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