Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Something New to my Blog that I'm excited to share!

I have something new to my blog that I'm excited to share!

I love this little corner (or Korner - ba ha ha - I know how corny the name of my blog is) of the internet.

I love to be able to write about my family and to share what's on my heart.

And I have something new that's coming soon that I have really prayed about and I feel like it's going to be so special.

I have asked a lot of different people to come here on Tuesdays and share their stories of what God has done in their lives with you.  A lot of them are just my close friends - most of whom don't even blog.  Some of them are blog friends of mine and some are bloggers I don't know well but who I know have stories to share.  I have people scheduled through next spring but I think I will probably extend it as long as there are stories to be told.

They all have different stories and different lives but God has done amazing works in all of their lives and my prayer is that it will resonate in one or more of you.

I want this blog to above all bring God glory and I'm excited that so many are willing to share their stories with us!

I hope you will pop back in on Tuesdays to "meet" all of the friends who will come here to visit and share.  AND I pray you will welcome them with open arms and support them for being brave enough to share!

This will start the Tuesday after Labor Day!

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