Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Where there's a Will, there's a way

Our week is so busy but fun. 

Last night my group of friends threw a "sprinkle" for our friend Tracy who is having a little boy any day! She has two girls so it will be so fun to see her with a boy.  And this was a GREAT excuse for us to get together for a girls night. We met at Abuelo's and ate and talked and gave diapers and essentials!
Always fun to have adult time! 

Another day at VBS.  We sure are having a blast! Hollis even smiled this morning! 

We made another big step tonight. Hollis can finally pedal her tricycle all by herself!!! I'm so happy - I don't have to push her anymore! She's growing up so quick!

And here is something I thought I might share with y'all.

I don't know how many of you have a will but I think it's so important. Scott really pushed for us to get both a will and good life insurance policies when Hollis was a baby.  I wasn't thrilled because both were expensive but since then I have known so many people my age or younger who have lost spouses that I have realized how very important it really is.  When you have children, it's really crucial to have a will.

One of my college friends' husband is now the Dean of the Business School at OBU where I went and he and a student at OBU (Lindsey Fowler) worked together in a business plan competition and they came up with something that is really great. They created

You can get a living will, power of attorney and a will for a FRACTION of the cost of what we paid when we hired a lawyer two years ago. (I wish I would have had this).

Just a note: The Business Dean is also a lawyer so it's done correctly and it's only available in Texas and AR soon but hopefully other states will open up in the future. :-) 

If you need a will (which everyone does) - you need to check this out.

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