Friday, July 12, 2013

5 on Friday

SUYL link up will be back and in action next Friday! I will have a new list out this week! I hope you will all come back and participate! 

In the meantime - I thought it would be fun to join a different blog link-up for once. 



We have six weeks until preschool starts back so I thought I would do a little "homeschool" every afternoon and we would go over a different letter and have a Bible Verse for the week.  This is a video of our verse for the week.  Even Hollis likes doing "school".   I feel a passion more than ever to memorize scripture and I can't think of anything better than helping my girls to hide God's word in their heart!


I thought this was so fun - y'all know my favorite local store is Riffraff and now they are going to be dressing Kari Jobe as she tours.  Kari is an AMAZING worship leader and she is also so cute and stylish (not that it matters but she just is).  Love to see two things I love teaming up! 


Today is my last day of VBS.  We have had so much fun.  My girls have had the BEST time and I love getting to work with all my best friends.  If you have the chance - you should work at a VBS in your area! 


I feel like everyone in all my social media feeds has been at the beach this summer and we didn't go this year and I've been a tiny bit jealous.  I love going to the beach so much.  I think today I will go to Sonic and get the strawberry Island slush and ask for them to add white coconut and then maybe sit outside in my back yard and close my eyes and try to pretend I'm at the beach. Maybe I should take the sound machine outside that plays "ocean sounds?'  Same thing, right?


{Photo credit: The Pioneer Woman's Blog}

I'm on a mission to make a good homemade salsa. I've tried 2 recipes now and they just weren't it. Okay but not it. I'm going to try PW's recipe next. Have a really good recipe? I will let you know if I find the "one".   

Happy Friday Friends!!!!

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