Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Bible School and American Blogger

We are in the middle of one of my favorite weeks of the year - Vacation Bible School.  

Our church does an amazing job with our VBS! It's such a great week and not just for our church kids but for a ton of kids in our community.  We have over 500 kids this week.  I love helping and I love that my kids get to experience such a fun week learning about Jesus! 

I get to wear the same t-shirt every day - so I'm trying to change it up each day.  ha! I'm helping with preschool crafts. It's so much fun and I get to work with some of my favorite friends. 

This is the first year for Harper to actually be in VBS.  Up until 4 - the girls get to be in nursery VBS if I work.  They have loved that but Harper is getting to be in a "crew" and rotate through stations and she is having the TIME OF HER LIFE! 

Can you see on Harper's face how happy she is? 

And little crabby. She actually really loves Bible School - she just doesn't love mornings. 

They put the kids in little "crews".  We were excited that Harper got to be with one of her good friends Neely and one of her best friends from preschool Sosi.  When we left church today she told me "I LOVE Bible School and I LOVE God!"  
Thank you to my church for putting so much effort into our kid's lives. 

And other stuff:

If you aren't following the #americanblogger documentary on Instagram - you really should.  Just search for the hashtag and you can follow Chris' journey.  In 3 weeks he has been so many places. He started here and has been to south Florida, D.C. NYC, (and a ton of other places in between) and is now in KY and headed west.  I've seen so many places through his pictures and found so many new bloggers. I think out of the 50 bloggers he is filming - I maybe know 3 or 4 of them so I love discovering new ones! 
Here is a news story where you can hear more:

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