Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Health and Wealth

So you may remember about a year and a half ago when I went from looking semi normal (top left)

to looking like Shrek (bottom right) in 3 days thanks to a terrible MRSA staph infection and landed myself a week in the hospital?
{Oh my word that picture is scary}

Well - unfortunately - I had a return visitor this week.  THANKFULLY not in my face. This time it was under my arm.  But this round has been WAY more painful.  I went to the doctor and she lanced it  - which FYI hurt 10,000 times more than a C-section.  Worst pain of my life.  I nearly died.

And then yesterday it got worse so I headed back to the doctor and she seemed very concerned and sent me to a surgeon.  At this point I was FREAKING OUT! She also put me on a high powered antibiotic that cost $3000 without insurance.

THANKFULLY - the million dollar medicine worked and by the time I got to the surgeon today it had gotten SO much better so she told me just to stay on the antibiotic and unless it got worse I won't need surgery.

I'm so grateful! No pictures of this infection - it's not pretty.
But that's what has been happening around here this week.
I'm trying to never take my health for granted.  Things can change in an instant. 

{Oh and in case you are curious - I'm just unlucky.  Most people carry staph but once it develops - you are likely to get it again.  I've never taken any antibiotics in my entire adulthood so it's crazy that I'm resistant to them. The doctor gave me some tricks to try and keep it at bay if it comes back.  I'm praying it never does.}


I'm not someone who gets real hyped up on the Royal family but I did wait and wait and wait this morning for those hospital doors to open.  And I was a little surprised that I got choked up and had big tears in my eyes when they came out.  I love seeing history in the making. And who doesn't love brand new babies? And oh Kate........she just looked amazing.
I have to admit - I loved that for once all of twitter and social media were collectively watching a news story and it was finally a happy one and no one was arguing over it.  It just seemed to be a global joyous moment in time!

I'm also old enough to remember Will being born.

And I was just thinking how happy I am that I didn't have to come out and let the whole world look at me and take my picture just 24 hours after giving birth.

I was also thinking even as special as this moment was and exciting - the Duchess is just like the rest of us.  Motherhood is the great equalizer, huh? She looked so beautiful but she's still probably sore and taking sitz baths and wearing those mesh hospital panties.

And wondering if she could ever love anything more than she loves that little prince!

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