Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I have a dream that one day you will turn on Christian radio and there will be a girl named Harper who wears hearing aids and is singing worship.  She loves music SO much.  She has a song in her heart for sure.  When she records her first CD (or whatever they have in 20 years) - I want her to put this picture somewhere on it. :-)

My dream is she would be a lot like Christy Nockels or Kari Jobe.

I've been in a hard place lately - praying for all my friends who are suffering and I keep going back to the two songs below. I could listen to them 1000 times in a row.  Maybe you need to hear one of these songs yourself.

A girl sang this song in church Sunday and it's been in my head non stop. I'm so thankful.

When my friends were at my friend Jenn's house last week praying - she had Christy Nockels playing in the background and I couldn't help but notice this was playing while we prayed.  I LOVE this song. So encouraging and true.

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