Thursday, July 25, 2013

Accessories and Advice

I think I have mentioned this before but my girls are VERY into accessories.

(as I think probably most girls their age are)

Pretty much 24/7 - you will find my girls with any number of accessories - usually a watch, 3 bracelets, a bow, a necklace and a purse.   They are pretty much as girly as you can get.  (Although Scott took a picture of Hollis sleeping the other morning - she was sleeping with a little football under her arm.  So they are clearly southern belles - in love with all things girly - but crazy about football).  :-)

My friend Shelli has been making her daughter a bunch of necklaces and she sent my girls two.  She matched them to a couple of their Matilda Jane outfits. Shelli and I both have two girls and are both in love with MJ.  {A side note that is fun is that Shelli and I, although we went to a small college, really just kind of "knew of" each other but somehow through facebook and blogs - we connected and found we have a lot in common and have become good friends.  We both had our girls a little later in life.  She lives in Nashville - so we aren't close which is too bad because our girls would have so much fun together.  It's funny who I have actually made friends with 20 years AFTER college that I didn't know at the time}.

I'm sort of dying over these necklaces. They are SOOOO cute. And my girls of course flipped out! 

Shelli is making and selling them and she could make you a custom one if your girls (or you!) are as accessory crazed as we are. (Notice she put a little castle on Harper's and little beads with crosses.  So special to us!) 

And Danielle who has designed my blog for the last 4-5 years has been working on a website for the last couple of years called EveryGirl.  It's really almost like a Web Magazine. It's for Girls of all ages and stages of life.  And today they did a feature on 13 mom bloggers who are sharing their advice, struggles and favorite products.  (I'm one of those moms!)  You can check it out here:

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