Monday, July 08, 2013

Favorite Bible Studies or Devotions

I get a lot of emails asking for Devotionals I would recommend and/or Bible Studies.  I thought it would be good to "discuss" in the comments and y'all share what you have loved and hopefully it will help anyone reading. 

I don't really use Devotional books.  I get asked about it so much but I have just always read the Bible. It's just a preference. I think Devotional books are great to help guide your time with God.  I just prefer to straight read the Bible. (And it's not easy.  The Bible is not an easy read for a new Christian or an old Christian.  I don't always understand what I'm reading and after 32 years as a Christian - I still read new things all the time and I will be 90 and still learning. So never be discouraged - pray before you read that God would show you something and help you learn.)

Here are a few Bible studies I have loved or that I'm hoping to do soon.  There are SOOOO many out there - I could never make a perfect list but these are just a few.

I would say anything by Beth Moore. I don't even know how to choose. I'm hoping to do James sometime soon. I loved Living Beyond Yourself.  And I also have wanted to do Esther.  If you are a new Christian - or just curious about God at all - Believing God is a great one.

I recently did Nehemiah by Kelly Minter and really liked it.  It's a good one if God is tugging you at all towards missions.

I am hoping to do a Jennie Allen study at some point in the near future. I hear so many good things about Stuck

A book that has really helped me in the last  year has been Unglued by Lysa TerKeurst and it's a study now.  I would recommend it for a group of women in any stage of life.


I never would have thought of doing a Bible Study by a man in our women's ministry - but I have done two now by James MacDonald and they were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.  I want to do all of his studies.  Lord, change my attitude was life changing and Always True was so so so good! If you want to branch out - you need to do his studies. LOVE! I think a lot of you are in a place where When Life is Hard is exactly the study you might need.

So - what are your favorite books or studies?

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