Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A lot of Stuff - something for everyone

I just have a whole list of announcements and things for you today:

A lot of you have asked - we are bringing back our "Build Em Up" blog series.  It will now be a once a month link up.  We really want you to join in!!!! Our first one is next Tuesday and this will be one where you can share about your moms groups and put your area in the link and maybe people who read the link list can find groups to connect in.  Wouldn't it all be great if we made new friends this year this way????? So excited to bring this uplifting blog series back with some of my favorite blogging friends!

Courtney is a mom, blogger and photographer.  Her precious daughter has a severe skin condition.  She is an inspiration to me.  She has written an e-book on how to take great pictures of your kids! And tomorrow and Friday it will be offered for a special Back-to-school rate of $2.99! If you are wanting to take better pics of your kids this year - this will be SO helpful for a great price! Here is the link:

I get a lot of questions on the girls' clothes and the one thing I'm mainly in love with these days is Matilda Jane.  OH - they make the CUTEST clothes ever.  Now - I'll be honest. They are pricey.  Too pricey if you ask me. BUT .......... Of all the clothes we have ever had - they hold up the best.  They are VERY high quality. And the great thing about MJ is when you outgrow them - you can re-sale on ebay or FB and pretty much almost get back what you paid for them.  Which you can't do with anything else.  And they usually have good sales throughout the year which is what I wait for.  
The new fall line comes out tomorrow and you can only buy through trunk keepers.  If you have any interest - look on
and then I have a friend Mindy who you can contact:
Her email
Her trunkkeeper ID is #569.


Are you familiar with Kickstarter? It's an on-line way to raise money for creative projects. I know a lot of artists have used this to help get them going on albums.

Well - there is a group out of Atlanta who had a vision of something that could be used for communities. This could be used by a town to raise money for a playground or a PTO to raise money for school equipment or even church groups - maybe to help fund mission trips or youth trips?

I have a feeling there are a lot of you out there looking for something like this. Maybe you have something coming up or a project you want to help raise money for and this could be an easy way to do it.

The website is

Check it out - it may be just the think you were looking for! 

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