Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Love and Marriage


Such a wonderful thing.  Such a blessing to have someone by your side through life.

But it's not always the Cinderella fairytale, is it?

It starts out amazing .......but soon you have a mortgage and doctor bills and one of you snores and you can't agree on how laundry should be folded or what your garage should look like and you have little kids who wear you out so you don't have energy for a lot of carefree romantic nights. There's not a lot of candle light dinners or helicopter rides or long walks on the beach going on. And every time you try to have a conversation - little people are jumping on you and interrupting.
And dates? I want them to be a priority but it's hard to find good babysitters or not have guilt to leave the kids and it can be expensive to pay for dinner and a babysitter so sometimes it's just easier not to have dates.  In fact - it's hard to find ANY alone time these days.

And it's easy to think........"well - we just aren't in love anymore".  Or start to think maybe the grass would be greener on the other side. Or start to compare with how other couples might be.

Marriage isn't sparks and fireworks. It's a daily choice to love each other and to serve each other and to sacrifice and compromise. I read two great blog posts recently on this topic. You may have read them too but in case you didn't.......they are worth a read. Maybe it will encourage you.

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