Thursday, August 01, 2013

Pictures and Prayers

My talented friend Bethany took the girls pics Sunday night.  These are a few she posted to Facebook.  I just loved them. 

 Harper had been having so much fun running around while we took pics - the pic on the left was one of the last she took. She was SO sweaty. ha! But it's still so sweet. 

Just a little update on Hollis:  She had fevers Monday and Tuesday so we went back for bloodwork and to see the doctor.  She has been doing better since but the lump is still there.  We got back Monday so hopefully we will see improvement by then.  I'm sure this is going to be fine but a lot of you have asked!

Speaking of Hollis - this may be a little irreverent but the girls both love to pray before meals and Hollis always wants to go first.  I filmed her the other night because I don't want to forget the sweet sounds of my girls praying when they are little.  Hollis mostly just lists off people she's thankful for.  Harper has moved on to actually praying for things and talking to God.  And nearly every night after she finishes praying Hollis will say "She didn't say me" - even if she lists Hollis 5 times.

We have also been working on Bible Verses and Hollis can say several.  I'm not saying this to brag or because I'm some awesome parent.  I'm 100% the opposite. I'm saying this to encourage you that your children are never to young to start praying and learning the Bible.  I didn't try to teach Harper verses when she was 2 because I just didn't think she would be ready but now at 4 that we are working on them - little sister is learning them too.  I wish I would have started earlier with Harper now.

And take note that Hollis has to wear her purse even while she eats dinner and prays.  She even sleeps with her purse.  She's like Sophia from the Golden Girls.

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