Monday, June 10, 2013

What surprises you the most about motherhood

Howdy friends!!!!!!!!!

I have LOVED having little "chats" with y'all! It's fun hearing from all of you on different subjects and I've learned a lot and I hope y'all are having fun too!

I thought today it would be fun to discuss - What has surprised you most about motherhood? I'd love to hear from new moms and I'd love to hear moms of grown children.  I'd love to hear what has surprised you about babies, about school aged children, about teens, about grown children.

I want to hear the good and the bad! What surprised you in an amazing way and what surprised you in ways you didn't expect.

I had a lot of ideals when I was single or before kids and had visions of how life might be.

I'm surprised by just how EXHAUSTING kids are. Mothers and wives are NO joke! I dreamed of wearing a cute apron and pearls and heels with an immaculate house and gourmet meals and pies and well mannered children sitting at the kitchen table smiling and coloring quietly.

Oh I laugh.

I didn't know I would be in sweats most days just trying to keep our house from caving in and I'm lucky to get any kind of dinner on the table.  And when I finally get the girls to bed and race around doing everything I didn't get done while they were awake and somehow STILL not getting 80% of my to do list checked off, I fall into bed exhausted.

I don't know if I knew just how much my girls would make me laugh.  I don't know if I knew how much I would love just seeing the world through their eyes.  At this age - everything is "So cool" and "amazing".  I love taking them everywhere just to see their eyes light up! I don't know if I expected how much I would worry about every little detail of their lives and how I would lay awake in the middle of the night worrying.

I'm surprised by how little embarrasses me anymore.  Carrying a screaming child through the grocery store - that's not a big deal at all.  I'm surprised by how little things like poop and vomit bother me. ha!

I'm surprised at how hard discipline is.

I'm surprised at how bad the fighting can be between siblings.

I'm surprised at how deeply I love my girls and how I would give my life in a second for them.

What about you?

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