Sunday, June 09, 2013

Barbie girls, Tom Cruise and Zoo Animals

Friday Harper had speech therapy and then we had heard that there was a Barbie event in town so we headed over to that afterwards.  

It was a fun little event.  The girls got Barbie bags and little lego kits. We had to wait an hour to get in the Barbie house but my girls were super patient.  There were tons of moms and girls there! 

Inside the house - they had dress up clothes and you could walk the run way.  This picture makes me laugh every time I look at it.  Hilarious! They look terrified.

 The girls got to design a dress for their barbies to take home. 

And of course get their faces painted. 

The girls were SO good that I decided maybe we could try going out for lunch.  I'm sort of burnt out on chick-fil-a so I got brave and decided to take them for a little Mexican food. And they acted GREAT! Something in me took a deep breath and I felt like I could see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I'm able to take both girls by myself and do things.  (I know there are some of you out there who have 8 kids and take them everywhere without a blink of an eye - but still. ;-)

My town is home of Wal-Mart headquarters.  Every year they have a huge annual shareholders meeting.  They always bring in a lot of celebrities. It's a neat thing to go to and for 15 years in a row - I did.  But now I'm home with kids and just read the tweets about it.  But one of the celebrities at the meeting was Tom Cruise.  I know he's gone a little nutty over the years but still .......Top Gun and Jerry McGuire.  Anyway - our town has a little First Friday Festival the first of every month.  It's such a little "Gilmore Girls" town square activity.  And apparently Tom was there. He was out walking the square and eating at a little local restaurant.  I was reading the tweets about it and wanted to get in the car and run down there but I didn't.  It's just weird to me if you know how small our little town in Arkansas is and we regularly have so many celebrities hanging around. I always wonder what they think about our home? :-) 

Saturday morning we drove south and met Scott's parents at the Little Rock Zoo.  Harper is going to spend a week with them so we were dropping her off but thought we would have some fun!  Scott's dad has a hurt foot so he motored around on this scooter.  This was our first visit to the zoo.  We were really disappointed.  (I'm not knocking the LR zoo - I'm sure it's nice regularly - but a lot was under construction and we just didn't seem to see but about 5 animals).  I wish we lived closer to the zoo and could go more often.

It was still a fun activity and the girls had a great time which is all that mattered! 

(I put this picture on instagram and I never thought anything about this but people were saying I was dressed up for the zoo. ha ha ha! It's a thin comfy knit dress that I knew would be cool and comfy because we were in the car for 7 hours in addition to walking the zoo.  I'm much more comfortable in a casual dress than in jeans or shorts. But that's just me!) (I thought I better explain!) 

This is what we looked like.  We took the double stroller and the girls refused to ride in it so I pushed it around, the girls both insisted on holding Gigi's hands everywhere, Pap-pa was driving along and Scott was everywhere taking pictures!

Today we went to church and I helped in the nursery.  We decided to take our little baby out for Sunday lunch at the Flying Fish.  She was so good.  We miss Harper so much. We have already talked to her twice today.  But she is having the time of her life with her grandparents and I love having alone time with Hollis.  We have a lot of fun things planned for her this week.

And no sister fighting for a WHOLE week.




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