Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Winners Winners Winners

 I'm having a great time with this little strawberry while her sister is away.  I think she is enjoying being an only child for a while.  And don't worry - Harper is having the time of her life!

Yesterday one of Hollis' BFF's turned 2 and her mom had a little play date party for her.  She made the BEST lunch and we had cupcakes.  Little Lela (next to Hollis) and Kamryn are two of her best friends!  And of course we had big sisters and little sisters there also.  Harper was missing but Sarah Kate got to come!  I'm so thankful for my sweet friends and our sweet little girls.  We got to just sit and visit and our girls had fun playing outside.  It's so fun watching these girls grow.  I'm hoping we will all stay close so we can go through the teen years together too! 

Okay........I have lots of winners to announce from the recent giveaways. The Erin Condren winners will be posted very soon! 

These are the 3 winners of the $100 Shabby Apple giveaway.  I will be emailing you!!! 

#449 (jdres07) - you are the winner of the ABC Scripture cards! 

And these 3 are winners of Boomama's book.  You will all get emails from me (sharprevt, carly.erin, and aimee).

Hope y'all have a great summer day!!!!

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