Sunday, June 16, 2013

Princesses and Daddies

 Our best friend Sarah Kate turned 5 on Friday and yesterday was her birthday party.  It was a princess "wedding" party.  The girls dressed up like princesses. (Our favorite thing).

 How cute is this "wedding" birthday cake? And Laurie got it at WAL-MART!!! Love it!!!! 
 My precious friend Erin and her little Kate
This bow and arrow go with Merida's costume from "Brave".  Harper LOVED it and spent most of the party playing with it.  Scott may turn her into a hunter after all. ha!  
 All the little princesses.  This was a roomful of royalty! So precious! 

My girls and the birthday girl.  By this point they had been playing outside in the heat and were sweaty messes! 

My sweet little Sarah Kate and I on her first birthday and the big 5 year old yesterday! I can't believe she is starting kindergarten soon.  The years go by too fast! 

Last night the girls and I took Daddy out for dinner to celebrate Father's day.  Then we went to Sam's (his request.)  Can you tell Harper had been crying? She didn't like her outfit or her hair. Pray for Scott  - the teenage years may be rough around here. ha! 

These two girls are total Daddy's girls. I practically don't exist when he's around.  They want to hold his hand everywhere we go.  I love seeing such a "guy's guy" playing ring around the rosy and princess and complimenting them on every dress they put on and every dance move they do.

Happy Father's day to My amazing dad! I am who I am because of him (and my mom).  And to me wonderful Father-in-law who has always been so good to me! They are the best grandfathers! We love you both so much! 

And thinking of all of you who have lost husbands or fathers.  Praying you feel God's comfort and closeness today. 

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