Friday, June 14, 2013

A Day in Arkadelphia

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 Hollis and I left early this morning and drove to Arkadelphia.  We met Scott's parents to pick up Harper.  We met at Cracker Barrel to eat lunch.  Harper wasn't really all that excited to see me.  In fact she spent all the way home crying that she wanted to go back to Gigi's house and did NOT want to go home with me.

Motherhood is such a confidence booster. 

 I had decided to meet my in-laws in Arkadelphia because it would closer for them and I also have been wanting to go visit Julee and Preslee! After lunch we headed over there to visit.  Julee fixed up this little house and it is SOOOOOOO cute. I think she may do a post and show you soon. I loved it! My girls had fun playing with Preslee's toys (and making a huge mess) and I loved getting to talk with Julee. I just wish I could see her more often.

Another thing I wanted to do was visit my old alma mater, Ouachita.  It has changed SOOOOOOOOO much in the 18 years since I graduated. In fact - it's changed so much - it really didn't make me sad to be there like I would think it would because I barely recognize the place.  It's SOOOOO much nicer than when I was there.

I had to take a picture for Harper in front of the Tiger. (Hollis wasn't having it).  The tiger is OBU's mascot and this is kind of an icon. Only when I was there it was gold and there was no gate. The rival college across the street used to sneak over and paint it different colors and it was also a tradition to get up on the tiger. Which is probably why they gated it up.

The girls in front of Berry Chapel 

I had to take their picture on the Tri Chi bench.  In case they are future Tri Chi's one day. (this was my "sorority")

Although by the look of their enthusiasm - they may be hoping to pledge EEE instead. 
(Can you tell how hot they were - it was SO sultry. I wanted a picture in front of the main OBU sign and we were just too hot to walk that far). 

 Their momma is a graduate of the Hickingbotham School of Business.  Maybe they will be too! 
I love this picture. I walked this little walkway a million times in my four years. It was such a precious time in my life. 

I had to laugh because as I drove into Arkadelphia - I was listening to some random radio station and one of my favorite songs from my college days came on the radio and it made it seem totally surreal to hear a song I used to listen to driving around in my old '91 Chevy Beretta and now to be driving my mom SUV with two preschoolers fighting and yelling for juice in the back.  
{If you must know it was "weak" by SWV}

Times they have changed. 

In my mind - I'm still that same 20 year old college kid living at OBU.  

But it won't be long until I'm driving up to drop off one of these girls for college. 

I enjoyed my little day back in time. And ALMOST enjoyed the 9 hours of driving I did. 

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