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Could you sell everything you own and move to Africa?

So no give away today.  But come back........I have a few more good ones coming up!!!!! It's just a give away extravaganza!

Today I want to share with you a family in my area.  They have an amazing story and I met with them recently and heard what God is doing in their lives and wanted to share it.  For several reasons. One - it just might encourage someone reading here today to follow what God is calling you to do.  Take the leap of faith! I think God wants someone to read this today.  Two - I'd love for you to pray for this family.  And Third - if you are signed up for Pure Charity - maybe you can channel some giving funds to help them.  (if you aren't signed up for Pure Charity - remember it's free and easy and through your normal on-line shopping - you can help families like the Carneys below without having to give any extra money out of your budget. Or you CAN donate your own money to projects PC has researched and supported).

Jason and Lacey Carney live here in Northwest AR.  Jason has a great job. They also were partial owners of Bliss Cupcakes (which I've mentioned I like to eat!) They felt God calling them to leave all that behind and sell everything and move to Malawi, Africa and work at an orphanage.  They have four boys and two little girls they just adopted through the foster system.  They are sure beyond any doubt that God has called them to this and the way God has opened doors has been amazing. Here it is in their words:

God tugged at our hearts several years ago regarding being on the mission field, as in another country.  The mission field is wherever you are, but we knew He was asking something a little different from us.  He asked us to give up our "normal" lives and our "security" for His normal life and His security.  We have heard several times over the last few years in round about words that normal and secure is always in His will.  It doesn't matter where you live or how you live no one is promised tomorrow the way it looked yesterday or today.  

Fast forward a few years past a few life changing circumstances as in selling our things and getting rid of the clutter to make our first move to Guatemala only for it to be cut short 8 days before our one way tickets out.  We literally were an unemployed, homeless family of six.  God knew from before time that  that's exactly where we would be at, at that very day, in that very moment.  Talk about a kick in the pants.  Eye opener.  Down on your knees.  Pleading for mercy.  Out of our hands situation.  Whew it takes my breath away just remembering.....we wouldn't change one single moment of those months.  Not one.  Several other things happened from that June 2009 until now that most would probably think God why have you left me or am I not hearing you right?  But we knew God's plan for us and we knew that someday He would fulfill the calling on our lives in His perfect timing.  Romans 11:29 For God's gifts and His call are irrevocable.  

Here we are 4 years later fixing to leave for Malawi, Africa.  Talk about different sides of the world.  It's not just a hop, skip, and a jump to get home anymore.  It's 9000 miles away from our "normal" and our "security."  We wouldn't change it for the world.  

Jason got the opportunity to travel to Malawi last August.  He had a friend go on this very trip a few weeks before and texted him while he was there saying "I could see you here, man"  It was like an avalanche from then on out.  The ball was rolling behind, around, infront of us and I am not sure we even knew what was happening and we sure as heck (can I say that???) couldn't stop it.  God laid out this mighty plan of His right before our eyes and we just buckled up and said "God, you will have to work out this, this and this...."  Boy did He ever, and He still is.  

We could write for hours about the God sized stories that have gotten us to this point in His story, but for time's sake I won't share them all.  Yet.  ;)

I do want to share with you one of the several moments Jason had while in Malawi with a little old woman.  It was the evangelism day!  I know most cringe at this day because we are so insecure about ourselves and our story we think it won't be enough, or you won't tell it eloquently enough.  The what if's run in like a leaky faucet.  They are all lies straight from the devil himself.  Don't believe it.  Ok I will get off my soap box.  Stanley, the interpreter, that was with Jason told him he felt like the Holy Spirit was impressing upon him to go and visit with this woman. She invited them in and immediately began conversing.  When she finally stopped talking Stanley began to share with Jason that God had given her a dream the night before that a "white" man was coming to her village to pray blessings over her. She was to prepare tea for him in obedience and wait.  Of course, she got up early the next morning and did just that.  Wow, talk about faith and obedience....from a dream.  I'm pretty sure half the time I don't obey when I am conscience much less having faith from a dream.  Needless to say, Jason was blown away because he had prayed the night before that God would confirm that he had come to Africa for the purpose of seeking His will for our family. She did have 2 glasses of tea sitting on the porch with her when he arrived, and when he heard the words from her mouth, God confirmed right then and there in the middle of an African village that he was exactly where God wanted him.

This God story has only begun.  We have no idea where it will lead or who it will lead, but what we do know is that being in the middle of God's will is the most "normal" and "secure" feeling we've ever experienced.  We as a family encourage you to step out and look through Jesus lens.  It's not as scary as you think.  It's freeing.  We have never been more blessed and humbled.  We hope to do good with what God has given us!  We would love for you to follow us and see what God has in store.  It's been so good, we can't help but want people to see it, hear it, and live it with us!

These is the link where you could donate your giving funds!


There is a 5K they are doing THIS Saturday in Springdale! It's going to be a beautiful day and if you are looking for something for you or your family to do - it would be awesome for you to participate! And help do something amazing! You can sign up HERE:
Race for the Orphan

{They are working on a blog and I will post when they get it going. If you take that pure charity link - they are posting updates there right now too!}

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