Thursday, June 06, 2013

BIG Giveaway from Shabby Apple

I don't know about y'all.  
But as an almost 40 year old who just had two kids ........ finding clothes that fit and flatter can be a little difficult.  I am fond of enchiladas so I have hips and thighs. 
It is what it is. 

It seems like all the cute boutiques and stores carry dresses that only 105 lb 23 yr olds should wear.  And if you ARE 23 and a size 0  - more power to you! 

But if you aren't and you like a dress to not have a 3 inch can be tough. I end up wearing a lot of dresses as tunics over leggings or jeans. 

A few years ago I found this awesome store called Shabby Apple.  I have bought several dresses there and have LOVED them. 

This isn't the greatest picture but this is a navy lace dress and I adore it! Their dresses have a vintage feel. They are modest and generously cut. You can order your size and it will be your size! 

I get so frustrated when I'm normally a medium and I order something from a store and I need an extra large instead. 

This is another dress that I have pretty much worn out. I LOVE it. 

They also have vintage styled, modest bathing suits! And cute little girl dresses! 

So the people at Shabby Apple contacted me to see if I would like to do a give away.  I have told SO many people about them just made sense to tell y'all! (I had a lot of you ask about the dress above I wore on Mother's day).  

So I'm SUPER excited to get to offer THREE $100 gift cards!!!!


I'm so excited about this! 

You can be young or old, mom or not, and you will find something you love! Check out their site today!This will run through Saturday and then I will pick winners and post and notify!

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