Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tiptoe through the Tulips

I didn't plan to post today.  

In light of yesterday - it feels inappropriate to talk about normal life.  It feels weird to talk about eating lunch at Chick-fil-a or a visit from our grandparents.

But BECAUSE of yesterday - we SHOULD talk about those things. It's COMPLETELY appropriate to talk about life. 

Because if we don't.  If we don't appreciate every moment. If we live in fear - the enemy wins. 

We can't hide away in our homes. We can't be afraid. We can't withdraw from all the things that bring us joy.  We have to remember God has already WON.  There will be hard times - but He is with us always and has overcome!  We just have to pray for Boston and all of those in need. 

I drove by our downtown today and our little square was full of beautiful tulips.  I realized the girls were already in matching dresses because we had been to Bible Study and it's going to rain the rest of the week and tulips have short lives so if we wanted to take pictures - it was today or maybe never.

 So I ran home and got my camera. 
 I didn't get any magical pictures but I got a few sweet ones. 

if we had no winter
if we did not sometimes taste of adversity
the spring would not be so pleasant
prosperity would not be so welcome
 - author unknown.

{real life}

{and of course Harper's shoes are on the wrong feet and they both have on lipgloss. ha!}


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