Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ears and Cheers

 We've had a busy day.  The girls didn't have school today because it was a staff development day. That threw me off and it was almost noon before I realized it wasn't Thursday.  I had been thinking of what all I needed to do tomorrow (Friday)(because I thought tomorrow was Friday) so I was pleasantly surprised to learn I have an extra day this week. ha!

We went to Fayetteville today and met with Harper's first speech therapist from AR children's.  It's been over a year since we "graduated" from her and joined a different private therapy group.  She wanted to do an updated Auditory Testing on Harper. 

I thought I would give a little update on Harper and her hearing. If for no other reason than for me to be able to look back and see our journey.  I also hope that if ANY of you ever face a child with hearing loss - I would LOVE to be able to help or encourage you.  Or if you know anyone who maybe is starting this journey - I would love to reach out to them.  I don't know much and I'm learning as I go but it's nice to have someone who understands. There are so many things I'm trying to figure out and I would give anything for a few friends in the same shoes to ask questions to.

It's been two years ago next month that we confirmed Harper had hearing loss and she has been wearing her hearing aids or "special ears" for almost two years.  Honestly when we started I thought she would NEVER be at a point where she wore them full time. I couldn't imagine ever getting there. And now it's such a non issue.  She wears them all the time. She asks for them in the morning if I don't give them to her right away.  I rarely talk about her hearing or speech on here because it's just such a normal part of our life and something we don't struggle with.  She has been a ROCKSTAR. I'm so proud of her. 

We have been doing private speech for about a year and a half and she has done SO well! She has improved DRASTICALLY! It's amazing what speech has done. We have a great therapy team and they have been a HUGE blessing in our lives.  We have had some issues with insurance and they have worked through everything with us. 

As we face kindergarten approaching in a year and a half - our goal is to do everything we can to get her ready for it.  I've been working hard to get her in with the school system. We have had several meetings and we are doing testings coming up.  She should be able to get speech from the school system as well as private speech next year.  We are also working on insurance to be able to hopefully get her a couple of times a week of private.  I'm so thankful for all the help and Harper loves speech.  It's been almost a full time job trying to get all of this lined up.

Hearing loss is something I never thought we would be facing but it's so minor in the scheme of things. It hasn't slowed Harper down one ounce. She LOVES music. She loves to sing and dance. She is so funny and smart. She is such a happy kid and kids seem to really like her.  I'm so thankful that God will hopefully use this obstacle for good in her life. I think He is writing a neat story with her. I wish I could fast forward a few chapters and see just what He does but I love the journey.
And just in case you think it's all sunshine and roses - I tried to get Harper to wear pigtails to her choir concert on Sunday night and she looked SOOOOOOOO adorable but you would have thought I killed her best friend or told her she could never eat ice cream again.  Have you ever seen anyone so sad? ha! It was a battle I didn't want to fight and I wanted her to sing in church and not be upset over her hair so we took it down.  Sometimes you have to know when it doesn't matter if you win.
But I sure loved those pigtails. :-(

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