Monday, April 15, 2013

Church Lady

I know I seem to harp a lot on going to church or finding a church you love. 

I do think it's SOOOOOO important. 

But I want to be clear. 

Going to church doesn't save you.  Going to church won't get you to heaven. Going to church doesn't make you a good person.  What IS important - is having a relationship with Christ.  Church is just a component of having that relationship.  To know Christ better - you read your Bible, you pray, you serve Him, you follow Him, you love others and you join a group of believers. 

I just think it's so important to get involved in a church.  To take your family and raise your family. It's important to find a church that follows the Bible. That reaches out to the lost.  That strives to help the poor and the community.  That is your FAMILY! Your community. 

I love my church so much for so many reasons.  But I have never loved it more than last Thursday night.  (Except maybe when we were in the hospital with Harper and our church was SOOOOO good to us. I still cry thinking about how loved we were during that time.)

I've told you before about my friend Janet who is struggling with Ovarian cancer.  Her struggle has gotten more difficult recently and they sent out texts and emails and asked for people to come meet at her house on Thursday night and circle around it outside and to pray.  We took the girls and they were surprisingly good but it was colder than I had thought and I didn't dress them warm enough so we didn't stay the full time.  But to see so many people completely circling her house praying over Janet was such a picture of what a loving church is.  THAT is what I want for each of you.
As we were leaving - I saw several of her neighbors standing outside their houses just watching as everyone stood praying.  What an amazing witness that we were showing completely in actions. I was in tears.

Last night Harper sang with her preschool choir in a little musical (it was pajama party themed).  It was so cute and she did so good.  Seeing my children love church and come home talking about Jesus and being loved on by so many people at church - that is so important to me too.  I love thinking about how so many of these same kids will be on this stage when they are in youth choir or DNOW weekends and they will be learning to follow Jesus together with families that will love them and disciple them along the way.

Church is not a building.
Church is not a scary place.
Church is not a group of exclusive HOLY people.

It's a group of sinners who have been saved by a merciful God and love to come together to worship Him and know Him more.
It's a group of people who lift each other up in the hard times of life and offer a circle of prayer when you need it.
It's a place to be discipled and to disciple.

I'm so thankful for mine!

And even good little Baptist girls like Harper can dance a little when they are on stage! :-)

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