Saturday, April 06, 2013

Night of Nothing

Last year the girls from our Sunday School class decided we needed a get away.  It's fun to go out to eat or shop ......but honestly the thing that sounded the most fun to us was a "Night of Nothing".  We went to a friend's family cabin and just sat around in our sweats and stayed up late and ate and talked and laughed and ate some more.

Now it's an annual event - our "Night of Nothing".  This year we went to a different cabin that a family in our church owns. It was AMAZING.  There were 15 of us and we all have young kids and busy lives so it was so great to just sit in our pj's and visit. We went to bed late and then got up this morning and hung out until about 2:00 and finally went home.  We took shifts of meals and we had SO much good food.

 Kacy, Elizabeth and Mindy
 Vonda, Shelley, Jenn and Lenette

One of the things that is great is there were lots of new girls there this year and it was such a great way to get to know them better.  Like we all went around and told what we did for work "before kids".  I had no idea what some people had done and it was SO interesting!!! And we told how we met our husbands - I always love hearing everyone's stories.  Even the friends I've had for years - I learned new things! 
 Kerry, Jessica, Elizabeth, Mindy and Vonda
 Danielle, Jessica. Caryn and Kerry
 Laurie in her big white fluffy bathrobe that she is famous for, me and Amanda 
We had two big treats because our friend Amber who moved away last summer came back to be with us and we were so happy!!! and our friend Susan who is a marriage counselor and one of the wisest, most Godly (and most fun) women I know was so sweet to give up a night and come spend the night with us.  She gave us a lot of "free marriage and family counseling" and it was so great.  We asked her questions and she gave us some very great advice. 
(PS She has a single and CUTE son who is a musician in Nashville (He's 25 or 26) and I told her he was going to be a featured bachelor on here soon and we were going to find him a wife.  He may kill both of us - but I think there has to be a few amazing girls that are reading this that live in Nashville and want to meet a Christian musician- and you would get the BEST MIL in the world!) 
(Coming soon!) :-)

PPS All of you reading this who weren't there this year - we missed you!!! :-) 

Harper and Hollis had a great time with their Daddy while I was gone.  And I had a GREAT time away! I can't wait for next year! 

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