Monday, April 08, 2013

Just a bunch of things on a Monday

My girls looked like spring time yesterday for church.  I thought they were so sweet. 
 And then Jennifer Francis tweeted me a pic to show me our girls were triplets on Sunday! How adorable is that? Jillian is so funny!

Harper wore this little dress and matching bracelet that she got from her Nonny last night to church and I nearly died at how old she looked.  She is suddenly seeming so grown up. I miss the baby age but I have to admit - I'm just enamored with this age. I want to soak it up.

Please pray for Hollis' sweet friend Kamryn.  Her momma is one of my sweetest friends.  She has a sister who is Harper's age and a brand new baby sister. Yesterday Kamryn had seizures and they flew her to AR Children's Hospital.  Please pray that it's not anything serious. We love that family so much!

I want to tell you about something that I would love for you to support!!! ALS is a disease that I'm familiar with because one of my sweet friends lost her father to it in the last few years. It's a TERRIBLE disease.
One of my readers' husbands has ALS. He was diagnosed with ALS 7 years ago.  He is a quadriplegic, unable to talk, is on a ventilator and feeding tube and communicates by computer with a head mouse.  With this disease, the mind stays fully intact and the body is useless.  Every need that he has must be taken care of for him.  It is one of the most horrific diseases there is.  My husband was once a hardworking controller of a company in the Nashville area.  Despite his devastating disability, he has had the will to live and has exceeded the life expectancy of many ALS patients.
During the late nights when he was on the computer, he developed a game using his head mouse that required him to laboriously move his head back and forth in order to type.  He created Cube Cyclops to increase awareness of ALS and to offset his enormous costs for this care, which exceed $100,000 a year.  The game has been copyrighted and we are trying to market it.  He originally designed the game in an Excel worksheet using the programming language Visual Basic for Microsoft.  He decided to convert the game into a smartphone app and acquired the services
of DbyDx to assist him.  The smartphone app is available at the APP Store for the Iphone and at Google Play for android phones (.99 cents).  The website for the game is
There are TONS of game apps-  but try to imagine how much work it took him to create this and how you downloading this App - could help with his care! I'd love for you to look into it and spread the word!!!!

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